viernes, septiembre 07, 2007

White Stripes

Uno de los discos, discazos, del año. Poco conocía de esta gente hasta este peaso de álbum. BRUTAL con mayúsculas...Esto es música. Grupo: White Stripes. Disco: Sticky Icky. Canción: Icky Thump

La letra.

Yah-hee, icky thump
Who'd-a thunk?
Sittin' drunk
On a wagon to Mexico

Her hair, what a chump
And my head
Got a bump
When I hit it on the radio

Red-head señorita
Lookin' dead
Came to said,
"I need a bed" en español

So I gave a drink of water
I'm gonna sing around the collar
Well, I don't need a microphone

[guitar solo]
[keyboard solo]

Icky thump, with the lump
In my throat
Grab my coat
And now it's reckon
I was ready to go

Yeah, I swam beside the hair
She had one white eye
One blank stare
Lookin' up, lyin' there

On a stand in her hair
Was a candy cane
Black rum, sugar cane
Dry eye, somethin' strange!

La la, la la la la la la la la la laaa laaa laaa

[keyboard solo]

Well, Americans:
What, nothin' better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out?
You're an immigrant too.

Who's usin' who?
What should we do?
Well you can't be a pimp
And a prostitute too

Icky thump, handcuffed to a bunk
Robbed blind
Looked around
And there was nobody else

Left alone
I hit myself with a stone
Went home
And learned how to clean up after myself

3 comentarios:

Wasky dijo...

lo tengo pendiente de bajar...Me recuerdan a veces a John Spencer ;)
hoy haremos excepción y saldremos

Anónimo dijo...

Ouhhh yeahhhhhh

me molan mazo nen!

c u tonite???

vomiton dijo...

ops, ara lo leo...ayer tocó casita y ver pelis..sniff,sniff